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" the crime of our vanity...why...why didn't we listen?"

Welcome to the land of Spira. It's a land of beauty..and calm...oh but WAS a land of beauty and calm, now it is merely war torn land of tragedy. Many people who live near the shores have died all because of one reason


Something born out of human vanity.

It is a cruel being that looks to destroy all human technology. It has taken tens of thousands of lives. Many people are too afraid to sleep at night because of it. The only hope that the land has come to know is the summoners pilgrimage. A journey many summoners take with the summoners chosen "guardians". The goal of the journey is to summon the final Aeon and defeat Sin and bring about "The Calm". The only tragic point of this journey is that a summoner must sacrifice his or her closest guardian to BECOME the final Aeon and the summoner dies in the process.

But still, many take this brave journey throughout Spira, to bring about "The Calm" a time of relative peace where Sin is nonexistent and then when Sin appears again..The cycle repeats.

This is the story of one summoner and her guardians defeat Sin.

Once and for all.

The Characters

The Summoner- A girl [ to be edited]

Guardian 1- A happy, quirky, upbeat Al-bhed girl. She is skilled in the art of stealing from her opponents, she and the Summoner are childhood friends and was quick to be The Summoner's guardian.

Guardian 2- A strong, silent, man. Not much is known about him or his past and no one really knows why she chose him as a guardian. He seems to have a strong resolve to defeat Sin no matter what the cost. Due to Sin's toxin he has become partially blind in his right eye. He takes his job very seriously and no one has yet to see him laugh. Despite his lean body structure he is ableto wield a heavy sword.

----NPC Guardians---

Alexandrea - Twin to Cassandra. She is a black mage and will always speak bluntly and has no soft sighed. She finds pleasure in twisted things.Alexandrea and her twin were originally one person but their soul was split due to Sin's toxin

Cassandra - Alexandrea's twin. A white mage, she specializes in the healing arts. She is very shy and unsure of her abilities.She has sympathy for most things including fiends

Damien - The other male guardian. He seems to be quite flirty. Flirting with any beautiful women that come his way. He seems to especially like flirting with the summoner and claims to be in love with her. He and Guardian 2don't get along very well. he specializes in light weaponry.

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