Life as a ninja.

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Life as a ninja. - Page 2 Empty The lesson begins.

Post  AKnightShallCome on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:31 pm

Yuji plopped down on the ground to wait for the next squad to show up for the sparring match. Lo' and behold, instead of actually preparing for their fight, the girls ran off to somewhere. He put his hand on his head and sighed a great, disappointed sigh. Did they really expect to become great ninjas by blowing off their preparation in favor of whatever? Probably gossiping about boys or redoing their make-up or something. Siren looked like she took a romp through the pig's sty after all.

Yuji found himself laying back in the soft grass, looking up at that cerulean sky he admired mere moments ago yet again. The clouds, still as aloof as ever, decided to make a caravan and head East. At least, he liked to think of their growing number as that. He smirked a bit at how childish his thoughts were, yet he was rather harsh with his genin. Maybe he should lighten up a bit? He hummed to himself contemplatively, considering the subject. There would probably be a time for that later on, but now isn't a very good moment. He needs to keep working on maintaining that position of authority!

He closed his eyes and he could almost FEEL other people laying in the grass next to him. To his left would surely be Gai and Tomo. Gai tactically seperating Yuji and the she-devil. And to his right, her head on his arm snuggled up to him, would surely rest Hana. His mind started to wander again, reflecting back to special memories with her. Things like their first meeting, first kiss, watchings sunsets, and that other trashy 99 cent romance novel crap. He slowly opened his eyes back up and saw nothing but blue skies yet again... and he was alone in the grass, yet again.

But he wouldn't be for long. When he sat back up he noticed toward the bottom of the hill Gai's squad marching up. He stood up and cross his arms with a grin.

"Yujihiro! Are you ready to see the power of the stongest, most youthful Genin of them all!?" Gai called up to him merrily.

Yuji laughed, "I already saw them just a bit ago, they headed off to the woods and will be back soon!"

The squad double-teamed it to the top of the hill and met with him Yuji sized up his squad's future opponents and already began making a mental note of who would fight who. The top competitor Neji Hyuuga was part of their squad... that would be perfect to teach Akita a lesson. Then, for Siren, if Rock Lee was anything like his sensei, then he would be taijutsu oriented. That'd be a good pair. That'll just leave Tenten and Kohana. He smirked, that will be a good style.

"Alright Gai, I've got an idea for how the matches will go down. Siren lacks in taijutsu prowess, so I think Lee would be a good choice against Siren..."

Rock Lee nodded and said, "I will face this "Siren" with all of my might!"

Yuji chuckled and patted him on the shoulder, "Of course you will. Anyway... Neji would be a good pairing against Akita. Akita was the top of her class and Neji too is a top competitor in the class that he came from. They will make a good fight." Neji just shifted his weight and cross his arms with a little "humph" tacked on. "That leaves Kohana versus Tenten." Tenten nodded with a look of determination on her face and clenched her fists. Through these physical signs of preparedness she said confidently, "No problem! This is another win in the bag!"

Gai raised a fist up and said, "I am excited to see this fight Yuji! The flames of burning youth engulf my squad, they will show yours just how powerful we are!" Both he and Lee threw their fists up into the air and laughed. Yuji looked past them and down the hill, seeing them coming back. Siren and Kohana first, then Akita followed behind them. Time to put on the "hardass" persona again.

Yuji took a moment to gauge the reactions of his squad upon their first meeting of their opponents. They seemed cool enough, except Siren was taking a particular fancy to the Lee boy, so it appeared. Akita, apparently having noticed this, provided this particularly insightful psychological analsys: "Vour taste in men confuzez me, Ziren"

Siren looked at Akita and laughed a forced laugh, saying exaggeratedly, "What? Are you kidding Akita? Why would someone like me go for someone like that? In your dreams, maybe..." Throughout this copious denial, her cheeks were blazing and she tried to hide it as best she could. Kohana looked on with a raised eyebrow and a sly grin.

Rock Lee, on the other hand, looked a little depressed. What was so wrong with him? He felt quite attractive, Thank-you-very-much!

When he had had just about enough of their shenanigans, he said, "Ahem, if you three are quite through being idiots, lets begin shall we? The only real ground rule is there will not be any lethal use of force. If either Gai or myself feel that either opponent is crossing that line, there will be severe penalties, do I make myself clear?" He looked each of them in the eyes, especially Akita. "First we will have Kohana versus TenTen, please, step into the fighting ring..." He gestured toward a circular patch of dirt in the grass nearby. In a strange way, he hoped the girl would make him proud and bring home a win. But he doubted that sincerely.


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Life as a ninja. - Page 2 Empty I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.

Post  Umbreongirl on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:17 am

Siren had never seen anything quite this interesting in her life. As she stood transfixed, her mouth, hanging slack, ridiculously oblong, was so agape that her chin appeared to drag the ground. Her gaze remained perfectly mesmerized, riveted to this one astounding beacon, and she was in such a profound state of awe, as if God had come flitting down on a chariot of clouds and personally delivered to her a scroll containing the meaning of life written on it, that Kohana couldn't help but follow her utterly stupified completely mindfucked expression.

To a patch of weeds.

Kohana's brow furrowed in confusion, and completely boggled, she made a beeline from the patch of weeds up to Siren's muddled emerald eyes, and then arced back down to the seemingly omniscent patch of weeds. The way Siren was staring at it, no, the way Siren was worshipping it, you would have thought that it was bestowing upon her some kind of eternal youth or something. It was then that Kohana caught a flash of mauve. Now, ordinarily, Kohana, who was notiorious for being deliriously spacey and clueless wouldn't have noticed something that she wasn't looking at directly, but the absurdity of this color upon the softer, earthier hues of the natural environment was enough to make her do a doubletake. And on further inspection, she found that the mysterious color were a pair of fashionless sandals. Determined to solve the mystery of the hideous foot apparel, she continued her less than suble investigation, unearthing a pair of slender, effeminate feet, and then bearing these, a pair of Spandex-clad legs. Kohana was prepared to triumphantly shout her find, for all the world to hear, when Akita beat her to the punch.

"Vour taste in men confuzes me, Ziren!" Kohana, upon noticing her missing of the grand opportunity to publicly reveal Siren's seemingly nonexistent vulnerability, and worse, by somebody who couldn't even be considered her friend, instantaneously rose to a boil. She clenched her fist, mouth flying open to shout something heinous, but again, she was beaten to the punch, this time by Siren.

Siren, choking out a laugh that sounded just a little too forced, the features on her face just a little bit exaggerated, reacting to the laugh way too slowly to be considered legit, contested this accusation nonetheless.

"What? Are you kidding Akita? Why would someone like me go for someone like that? In your dreams maybe..." She retorted confidently, her Shamrock eyes rolling in a very fraudulous, insincere manner. Siren's behavior was obviously a sham, at least in Kohana's book, who responded to this obviously false retaliation with a mischievous grin. She and Siren would have to have a talk later. A really long talk. To dig herself into an even deeper hole with Kohana, Siren, perhaps oblivious to the fact that Kohana was paying her so much attention all of a sudden, anxiously measured the boy's reaction to what she had just said. The poor guy appeared crestfallen, and though seconds earlier he had been surging with positive energy, he now quietly stood at his Sensei's side, trying to appear indifferent and prepared, though a hint of frustratin now tinted his dark eyes. Siren on the other hand couldn't physically contain her deep remorse for her thoughtless words.

Yuji, in contrast to both young Ninja appeared entirely unconcerned with this playing out of their personal lives and affections, and instead was focusing on two very different members of each group, one of these members of all people being herself! His eyes blazed into her own, and wordlessly, Kohana tried to meet his gaze. Something about his stern, disapproving stare unsettled her, prying her from her security and gumption and leaving her doubting her own ability. Ten seconds into "the look", and Kohana felt as if ants were eating their way through her pants and into her unmentionables, she was squirming so bad. Anxiety nibbled at the lining of her stomach, and though she usually maintained a very headstrong, unshakable demeanor, her Sensei's blatant judgment was enough to send her howling into the hills. Finally he turned away from her to focus a more neutral gaze on another girl, the only Kunoichi in the opposing squad.

This other female was much sturdier in build than any of the Kunoichi in Kohana's squad, and in Kohana's opinion, wider than any of the females she had seen in the village thusfar. Her hips were wide, flowing, and generous, and was blessed with the sort of chest that came straight from male adolescent's dreams. She wore a traditional pink silk Oriental shirt embellished with golden bars and trimmed at the bottoms of the sleeves in Ruby. Her dark chestnut hair was done up in two buns, one on each side of the back of her head, and a layer of choppy bangs hung down into her docile, chocolate eyes. But though these eyes appeared as sweet and gentle as a Doe's, Kohana was aware of a very acute, very evident fighting spirit lacing the compassion. No, this girl, though she might have been underestimated and even passed over by Akita, Kohana understood wasn't one to be brushed aside in lieu of her male teammates. This girl posessed a logic that was ethereal. Her realism was what made Kohana truly believe that she had landed the misfortune of the wiliest opponent.

"Ahem, if you three are quite through being idiots, let's begin, shall we?" All of the Genin turned to look at Yuji as he broke the silence that had begun accrueing since Siren's joke of a denial.

"The only ground rule is that there not be any lethal use of force. If either Gai or myself feels that either opponent is crossing that line, there will be severe penalties. Do I make myself clear?" Kohana snorted, a half grunt half chuckle that was a half-assed effort to express her amusement.

"Yeah, yeah, boss. We've all heard this sphiel before. Now can we just get on with the match already?! I see that Princess Leia over here is just as eager to get throttled as I am to throttle her!"

Yuji rolled his eyes, again dismissing Kohana's behavior as irrational and irritating. This only fired Kohana up even more, as clenching her fists, independent of permission from either authority, began making her way toward the crude natural arena.

"First we will have Kohana versus TenTen. Please step into the fighting ring..." With a lavish gesture, Yuji indicated the fighting arena where Kohana already stood, who, feeling all eyes on her, decided to ham it up and evoke more groans and eye rolls by looking at an imaginary watch in a faked bored demeanor. Soon, the other Kunoichi, her apparent rival, had clenched both of her large fists together, and though her eyes contained not a drop of aggressiveness, sized Kohana up meaningfully. Kohana smirked, sticking her tongue out and inhaling deeply, puffing her chest up and holding her arms up in the air, flashing her form off to TenTen, who eyed her with immense expertise. Kohana seemed to be playfully mocking her grim concentration. TenTen, noticing Kohana's clowning, afforded Kohana a very different sort of smile, like one of an adult tolerating a small child's antics.

"Lesson number one, rookie!" TenTen called out, as swiftly, she launched herself into the air, an arm lashing behind her to fluidly withdraw a handful of items from a pouch contained on her back. TenTen's voice, while holding no malice, was very stern, and one hundred percent serious. Kohana, while still frantically trying to decipher TenTen's movements, almost lost the meaning of her next words.

"Forget about who is watching. Forget about trying to impress. That doesn't matter now! All you should be thinking about is my next move!" With a decisive 'Zing', a barrage of Shuriken were released from the tips of TenTen's fingers, just as her arm had snapped to full extension to give the metallic stars enough momentum to come flying with force. Kohana, reacting slowly after forcusing for too long on TenTen's words, finally came to, and narrowing her eyes, clumsily attempted to run. But it was too late. Her legs felt like lead, and as she stumbled, she closed her eyes and prepared for the worst. But instead of feeling the tips of the stars biting into her exposed flesh, Kohana opened her eyes seconds after hearing a soft "Thud", the backs of her eyelids giving way to a very familiar and very wlecome friend. Kai stood, fiercely facing Kohana. His tiny tail had grown in length and volume, and had raised up behind him like a Peacock's to deflect the barrage of Shuriken. Kohana had been saved by her furry friend, and though she granted him an appreciative, relieved smile for his efforts, she wasn't about to let his surprise entrance go to waste. While TenTen withdrew a Kunai from her collection, Kohana scooped up her pint-sized friend, setting him on her shoulder, and taking off into a run around the left side of TenTen. TenTen, who had honed in her concentration in order to swiftly strike down Kai, was forced to do a doubletake, and was further thrown offguard when Kohana suddenly reversed her speed, rapidly turning and circling right.

Kohana, who evidently had the advantage of speed over TenTen, extended a foot slightly offcourse, driving it into the compact dirt to launch herself about two feet into the air, before coming down on her alternate foot, kicking off so that she was a good five or six feet into the air. TenTen looked up, and was able to see Kohana well in time of her coming down on her. Smiling in a very patronizing, unimpressed manner, TenTen equipped herself with a larger, more jagged kitchen knife, her eagle eyes displaying a keen marksmanship as she calculated approximately where Kohana would land, and moved to stand beneath the spot. And sure as rain, Kohana began descending toward that precise spot, but just as TenTen had vindictively raised the knife, Kohana hurled herself mid-air away from TenTen, crashing gracelessly a good ten feet away from the older Genin, her shoulder breaking her fall and leaving her momentarily stunned. Meabwhile, Kai had continued in their straightforward motion, delicate paws landing nimbly on the flat part of the knife, eyes leering menacingly up at TenTen as she stared at the animal in disbelief. Kai, pointy incisors clamped dutifully on the handle of a miniature Kunai, drove the blade deep into the back of TenTen's hand. Kohana rose from her position in the dirt as TenTen let out a yelp of pain, the look of pure surprise on her face giving Kohana enough to last for the week. But then a voice made itself heard.

"Come on, TenTen! You can do it! Show her your fighting spirit, TenTen! Do not let her faze you! We are with you, TenTen! We know you can do it!" And this emphatic eruption, shouted passionately by the boy Siren had been slobbering over earlier, seemed all that it took for TenTen to regain her senses and recover, as she shook off her surprise, and instead, withdrew a scroll from a different pouch. Grinding her teeth onto her lip, and letting her useless hand fall to her side, eyes narrowing in concentration, TenTen, using her other hand, awkwardly but quickly pulled out a scrolle from a different puch, and as blood spilled out over her lower lip, clubbed Kai in the side with the scroll, sending the petite animal off the ground, and with another smack, as if she were hitting a whiffle ball with a bat, TenTen whacked the little Fox into a nearby shade Tree. The tiny Fox hit the gnarled bark with a sickening crack, and left an indentation of his tiny frame as he fell, limp, into the twisted roots. In an instant, Kohana's facial expression changed from one beaming with pride to one contorted with guilt and dread, paling in record time, as she completely forgot about the fight, disregarding TenTen, and running blindly toward her Fox.

Hot tears splashed down her dirty cheeks, snowballing and accumulating the sweat she had worked up on the way down her face, and as she tried to rub them out, accidentally ground the sweat from her palms into her eyeballs, making her cry even more. Shaking, Kohana squatted, her body swaying unsteadily as she lifted Kai, struggling to keep her hands steady in order not to move him, as a choked, wounded sob escaped her throat. She all but noticed TenTen's shadow falling over her, dimming out the sun, as the older Kunoichi, her damaged hand still hanging motionless at her side, gripped a handful of Kunai with her one good hand. Eyes narrowed with retribution, her target locked in finality, TenTen released the Kunai, her work finished, stepping back to admire it. The Kunai, six of them in total, had each hit their mark with perfect precision, and as Siren stared on in horror and disblief, TenTen nodded in approval as she confirmed that Kohana had been nailed to the ground as planned, with three of the Kunai pinning the sleeve of one arm, and three the other, so that Kohana's lower half was free to move, but her upper half was forced to resign to the ground.

Because of this inhibition, Kai had fallen to the ground but hadn't stirred, and in fact still lay completely dejected and motionless, his short little tongue lolling alarmingly out the side of his mouth, flecks of blood and foam dampening the golden fur around his lips. TenTen made no motion to move, only turned around to smile modestly at the rest of her team, Lee, who was hooting and hollering for joy, jumping into the air and kicking ecstatically, before he finally succumbed to all his rapture, and engulfed TenTen into a big, tight congratulatory hug. Gai smiled, flashing TenTen the thumbs up and remarking on his pride in her glorious, unmatchable display of youthfulness, next turning to Neji, indignantly telling him that he could learn something from her, while Neji himself, as usual, appeared unmoved.

Siren, completely oblivious to the flamboyant, explosive displays by Gai and his team knew not what to say to Kohana about her loss, but exactly what to do. She hustled over to her best friend's side, kneeling quickly and pulling the Kunai from the earth, one by one, though this took considerable time and a little extra effort, making her feel like she was prying Excalibur out of a mound of stone or something. Finally, her labor was rewarded, and Kohana was freed, though she made no motion to move whatsoever. Instead, she stood, arms splayed out awkwardly, like the broken wings of a grounded bird, as fat tears dripped off of her face, plopping silently one by one into the fur of her little motionless Fox. Siren offered her an apologetic smile, and offered her friend a hand. By this time, Gai was addressing the wounds of his student, doing his best to avoid knocking against the bone in her hand with the blade of the Kunai, and slowly wrestling it free from her hand. TenTen, determined to put on a brave, unaffected face, nevertheless exerted a grunt of pain during the painstaking process now and again. Siren jerked a thumb in their direction.

"You know, there's sure to be some of her blood on that Kunai." Siren observed airily.

"If you wanted, I could sneak over there and grab it, and when we got home, we could make a Voodoo doll and get her back." Siren laughed with a wink. Kohana responded with a grateful smile, and though she didn't laugh, her expressing this smile alone at such a perilous, unsure time was enough to reassure Siren that Kohana would again be okay. Bending down and picking up Kai, Siren led Kohana to the sidelines, where she shielded her from the view of the other squad's jubilation, instead withdrawing her canteen and pouring a few droplets into Kai's parched mouth. Gai on the other hand, now finished with the gruesome, taxing job of removing the Kunai from TenTen's hand, and having assigned Lee to wrap it with gauze, made his way over to Yuji, flashing him a dazzling smile and winking.

"One youthful round down, two more to go!" He boomed, tacking on an unnecessary pelvic thrust. He inched close to Yuji, perhaps a bit too close, squatting halfway to the ground and flashing Yuji's squad a misplaced peace sign. Akita only eyed him like he was smoking crack.

"I guess TenTen wins this one." Yuji conceded, his face portraying a bit of exasperation at Gai's wacky antics at a time when his own Genin were so distressed, but ultimately, he was won over by Gai's unconventional mannerisms, and Siren guessed that the Spandex wearing, leg warmer loving Sensei couldn't help it anyways. His intense admiration and pride for his students was uncontainable, she realized, and simply telling them of this deep respect wasn't enough. These spontaneous, outlandish movements were an assurance of sincerity and uniqueness, reserved for moments of extreme delight. His enthusiasm was contagious, and soon Siren found herself looking on and grinning subconsciously at him. Yuji socked him playfully, prompting Gai to struggle to reign in his fervor, as Yuji prepared to announce the next pair.

"Now we will have Neji and Akita!" He announced, calling them to the stage. Siren's eyes met Akita's once, and adjusting her headband, Siren nodded seriously.

"Good luck" She managed, gravely watching her teammate fearlessly enter the ring, staring down her opponent, who was supposedly some kind of Leaf Genin Prodigy, without an single ounce of fear or regret. The match was about to begin.


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Life as a ninja. - Page 2 Empty Re: Life as a ninja.

Post  TheAlmightyGhostPrincess on Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:50 am

Byakugan User vs. Ice Jutsue User

This whole sparring ordeal had been tough on Kohana apparently, from what Akita spied her precious little pet fox had become a victim and appeared to be dead. Akita couldn’t feel any sympathy for Kohana, she would have to understand the harsh realities of being a ninja and the Ninja World, just like Akita had on that day.

Akita shook off the memory and waited after all the dramatics were over, "Now we will have Neji and Akita!" Yuji announced, and Akita stepped forward and past Kohana who was mourning over her precious pet.

Akita whispered these cold words of reality to her, “Zat’s how ze ninja vorld vorks. It is not kind to anyone,” And made her way into the arena dismissing Siren’s ‘Good luck’ with a cruel remark of, “Zere is no zuch thing as luck, only skill.”

The two ninja stepped into the arena and eyed each other, this boy, he was a skilled ninja. Akita had to acknowledge the fact that she was no longer in the academy with all the stupid, ignorant, fuckers who had no idea what the fuck they were doing. She was quite literally facing down a prodigy.

Akita shuddered at the fact that she would have to use her ice jutsue for the first time in a battle since her arrival at the leaf village. She really hadn’t wanted to show it off, not right now anyway, but Akita knew very well that she wouldn’t win this battle on Tai jutsue alone.

“Begin!” Yuji declared and the two ninja charged at each other with intensity. The two fought with intense agility and understanding of Tai Jutsue. The two continued in hand to hand to hand combat only to realize they were equally matched on Tai Jutsue.

The two hopped away from each other and stared each other down, Akita could vaguely notice the veins around Neji’s eyes begin to bulge out. He had activated his eye jutsue and surely he would begin using the ninjutsue associated with it.

Akita really disliked using ninjutsue but in a fight like this she really had no other choice, so Akita had begun to form an ice encasing around her hands, forming almost armor like barrier around her arms. The tips of her fingers had turned into sharp claws and Akita charged at her opponent once more.

Still the two were evenly matched for the most part, blocking each others attacks, perfectly, when Akita saw an opening in his stance, reaching over she used her claw-like hands to scratch his cheek but she had miscalculated her stance and left herself wide open for an attack.

Sensing this, Neji attacked her weak spot full force cause her Akita to stumble just a bit leaving her wide open for another attack. She tried to regain her stance but it was to late, he delivered a kick full force to her chest, knocking her at least 3 feet.

She landed on her back, HARD. So much so, that it knocked the wind right out of her. Akita tried getting to her feet while trying to catch her breath but she couldn't and continue to cough trying to get her lungs regain proper oxygen levels but the fight was over.

She had lost.

"Alright Neji, that's enough." Yuji said and Neji took his place back in line. Once Akita could properly breath again, she got to her feet and took her place next to Siren.

"Now it is my turn, correct sensei?!" The bushy-browed freak declared ever so cheerfully.

"That is correct, Lee! Show her the power of your fearsome youth!"

"Yes, Guy-sensei!"


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Life as a ninja. - Page 2 Empty To rouse consciousness...

Post  AKnightShallCome on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:51 pm

Yuji crossed his arms behind his back and watched as the the fight between Tenten and Kohana unfurled. To be honest, despite the fact that he wanted to teach his students a lesson in humility and let them take a good beating, he wouldn't have minded seeing Kohana bring home a victory for the squad. Kohana never really was all that bad. The problem seemed to lie with Akita and Siren for the most part. Kohana always seemed to be a fairly good girl. Hell, for a while, it even appeared Kohana would bring that big V after all, especially the help of her faithful little fox Kai. Unfortunately...

Just as Kohana seemed to have the upper hand, Tenten batted Kai away, only to be caught by the cruel unforgiving arms of a mahogany tree. The cracking noise was sickening, even to a man whose technique often relied on breaking the bones of his opponent such as Yuji. Hell, Yuji often broke his OWN bones in order to grow stronger and tougher in the "hard body" path. As would be expected, Kohana abandoned the fight and ran to her beloved pet's side. Regardless of the fact that Yuji wanted these sorts of heart wrenching things to happen to make them stronger, he wanted to run over to Kohana and make sure that everything was okay. He could hear her sobbing from over here for god's sake!

Kohana's back was turned to Tenten, and so Tenten brought a swift end to the already concluded fight by pinning Kohana's arms down to the ground. Yuji thought that a little excessive, but there was nothing lethal about it. With that, Tenten returned to her congratulatory team. Yuji's eyes quickly went back to Kohana, where he found Siren liberating her arms and comforting her. Yuji couldn't help but smile at this selfless display of comradery. Now if only he could get Akita involved in such a thing. In fact, Akita remained rather nonchalant about the whole situation in general. That bothered Yuji.

Gai had inched his way over to him and said, "One youthful round down, two more to go!" Which, of course, was followed by his usual boy-like antics of flashing a peace sign to Yuji's squad. Some people would have found that to be him rubbing it in their faces. Yuji, however, knew better. Despite this, he still needed to maintain his "hardass" charade for his squad, so he punched Gai to return him to a man's composure, after conceding, "I guess Tenten wins this one...." Did anyone really expect otherwise?

Yuji closed his eyes and sighed, then opened them again and announced the next match, "Now we will have Neji and Akita!" With that, each competitor mad their way to the ring.

On her way, however, Akita stopped by Kohana and Siren, saying a few choice words to each of them before her match. To Kohana, she said, "Zat’s how ze ninja vorld vorks. It is not kind to anyone," and to Siren, she said in regard's to Siren's wishes of good fortune, "Zere is no zuch thing as luck, only skill." This bothered Yuji, but he wouldn't show any change in expression than his previous, stoic self. But he made a mental note of it.

They both got into the ring and when it appeared they were both ready, Yuji gave the command to begin. With that, Yuji just stood back, and watched the two fight each other. For a bit, surprisingly enough, they seemed to be fairly evenly matched, until they hopped away and stared each other down. Neji soon activated his Byakugan, the bloodline jutsu of the Hyuga clan. This was about to get interesting... But Akita wouldn't be going in without ninjutsu either. Yuji watched as ice encased her arms and formed sharp claws around her fingers. With a girl like Akita and a sharp weapon like that, he would have to watch for any lethal force. Again, as always, he remained stoic in appearance, his arms remaining crossed behind his back.

It dwindled down to one decisive moment. Neji feigned an opening, in a sacrificial maneuver to, hopefully, coax Akita into going for it. It worked.

Akita slashed at Neji's face, but he was able to avoid any serious damage beyond just some cuts on his cheek. This left Akita open for a hard kick to the chest. Of course, Neji capitalized on this and delivered. The fight was over. Yuji said, "Alright Neji, that's enough"

Akita was left trying to catch her breath which was knocked out of her, once she had, she resumed her place next to Siren. Neji had already returned to his squad, greeted by the cheers and congratulations from his teammates. This signaled that the last remaining fight was about to begin.

Yuji walked over to his three genin before announcing the next fight. He was more concerned with Kohana, who still seemed distraught over Kai than anything. On his way to her, he stopped in front of Akita and looked to her. With cold eyes he said, "If what you said to Siren is true about there being no such thing as luck, then I recommend you get your ass in gear. Otherwise you're screwed, since you obviously don't have the skill." With that, he continued along his path toward Kohana. Was it cruel? Yes... but hopefully she realizes that, despite her being good, there is always room for improvement and there will always be someone better.

He put his hand on Kohana's shoulder and squatted down beside her, "Hey, how you holding up?" She didn't reply, but looked at him with cherry red eyes. Yuji looked to the little ball of fuzz in her hands and said, "May I see him?" At first, she wouldn't oblige him. That is, until she looked to him again and, instead of seeing his usual distant and cold expression, she saw a genuine face of concern and empathy. She obliged him, less out of trust, and more out of sheer surprise at how quickly he looked. Yuji gently took Kai in his hands and started to check his pulse and other vitals. He closed his eyes and gently laid him down on the soft, cool grass. "Don't worry Kohana, he's still alive, just banged up pretty bad. He's a fighter, this fox of yours... he's not going down that easily!" Yuji then smiled to Kohana, and made a hand sign. He muttered "Chakra transferal jutsu...", then put his hands on Kai. A blue glow traveled from his arms and down into Kai, and Kai's eyes flickered open.

Kohana looked shocked, but overjoyed. She flung her arms around Yuji's neck in a giant hug. Yuji laughed, "hey hey, don't get TOO mushy on me... you pansy..." but hugged her back. He then grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back a bit to look her in the eyes, a serious expression back on his face, "I gave him enough of my chakra to bring him back to consciousness. He has several broken bones and still needs tender care in order to make a full recovery. In every fight, we risk losing the people who matter most to us, remember that Kohana. We fight to protect those people we love and hold dear. Sometimes, we may not find ourselves so lucky as your little friend here did. Teamwork is essential to that. After all, what would you have done had I not been here with the tiny bit of medical jutsu knowledge I have to keep him conscious?"

With that, he stood back up and looked over to Gai's squad. Gai understood what he was doing, and gave him an understanding nod despite his crossed arms. That was a moment of seriousness. Despite Gai's flare for the childish, he was mature enough to understand when it was time to put that aside in favor of a serious talk.

Yuji could only assume that Lee was doing then, what he was doing now, jogging in place and stretching to pump up for his coming match. This also meant that Siren and he were the final contenders in this match up between squads. Yuji called out,"For our final match, we have Siren versus Lee..." He looked down to Siren who was just beside him and patted her on the back, "Good luck..." His face was back to stern and stoic and his arms were back to crossed behind his back, in fact, none of his other squad would have ever seen his face change due to his back being to them.

As Yuji wished her luck, Kohana also arose from the ground, dirty and snivveling, but otherwise fine. She held Kai gently in her arms, who was wearing an expression of pain. Kohana nodded in agreement with Yuji after he said his well wishes and said, "Knock em' dead Siren!"

(Yes, I did indeed make that jutsu up. It seems so basic though that I assumed something like that would exist amongst the medical ninjas. lol)


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