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OoC: Because Dy and I wanted to role-play Wink

A Story of Evil – Chapter 1 – The Revolt

Alexandria would remember this day clearly. The way the sun was beating against her eyes as she ran with her sister. Their life in this country was clearly coming to an end, “REVOLT! KILL THE ROYAL FAMILY!” The voices of the angry citizens penetrated the stone walls of the castle. Her mother’s words that were very clear still buzzing in her head.

“Alexandria, I want you to take Cassandra and just run. Don’t stop to look back, not once,” Her mother’s words were. Alexandria simply bowed solemnly all though she was fighting back many tears but all she could simply say was, “Yes, your Majesty…” as she had been trained to do several times.

And as angry commoners stormed the castle, Alexandria had to make a harsh decision which would haunt her for the rest of eternity but there was no time to ponder on what was right and what was wrong. She grabbed her frightened sister’s hand and ran. Adrenaline pumping through her veins, she took every short cut in the castle she knew.

Alexandria wanted to cry, she wanted to go back for her mother, but if she tried, they would both be executed in the name of treason and she would not let her sister die.

“Alexandria…where are we going…?” Cassandra’s hoarse and frightened voice squeaked out. She was scared, that much was obvious.

“Don’t worry, milady. We’ll go somewhere far away where they can’t hurt us, but we have to get to the horse shelters first. From there I’ll grab us a horse and trample anyone that gets in our way to freedom,” Alexandria said trying to assuage her master’s fears. Yes, it wasn’t normal to call your twin sister “milady” but these two hadn’t been raised under normal circumstances. Alexandria was born three minutes behind Cassandra thus that made Cassandra the heir to the throne and her father, being the cruel manipulative being that he was decided that Alexandria would forever be Cassandra’s faithful servant.

That had been ingrained into her mind day in and day out of her child hood. Instead of taking normal lessons of reading, writing, and arithmetic, Alexandria had been forced instead to learn how to care for her sister whose health was weak. Everything was done for the happiness of her elder sister, even if that meant sacrificing her own life to make Cassandra happy. Alexandria had stopped wishing different and proclaiming that it was unfair years ago. By age seven it had been mentally drilled in to her head, “Everything you do is to make Cassandra happy because she is the future queen,” The head servant once told her.

The two were seventeen now, and a revolt was occurring. The townspeople were sick of being treated like animals so early this morning loud angry shouts could be heard from outside the castle. Alexandria knew this day had been coming, she could hear the whispers of the townspeople when she went to get food to cook one day in the market. She had a feeling it would be today because of the uneasy look on her mother’s face this morning.

“Will we ever see mother again, Alexandria?” Cassandra asked, tears falling down her eyes. She knew her sister was in pain from the running but they couldn’t stop. Stopping meant death, and death was not something Alexandria particularly looked forward to.

“No, but we have to keep moving or we’ll end up like them,” Alexandria said. She had to be strong, for her sister.

“I want to go back to mom! We can’t leave her behind!” Cassandra yelled struggling within her grasp. Alexandria stopped for a minute and glared at her sister and then with a firm slap to the face she looked at her sister in the eyes.

“If they catch us who will live on in her Majesty’s name?” Alexandria said, but the slap had only cause Cassandra to cry further. Alexandria sighed and she placed her hand firmly on Cassandra’s pressure point causing her to go limp in her arms, “I’m sorry Cassandra, sleep well. When you awake we will be on the first horse to freedom…”

She picked up Cassandra, bridal-style and fled. She had reached the castle garden, the stables were not far from here, and luckily the commoners were too stupid to charge the back part of the castle so they made a clean escape to the stables. Alexandria propped a saddle on their favorite horse, an Arabian name Epona. Quickly she propped her unconscious sister on the horse and skillfully maneuvered Epona away from the castle and away from the fleeing crowds.

As she fled she could see four guillotines being set up in an empty town square. Alexandria looked away because she knew who they were for… The two larger ones for her parents…and the two small one’s for her and Cassandra.

Alexandria looked away as she saw her mother being led up to one in the distances. Silently, hot tears began to fall down her face as she vaguely heard her mother’s charges…and then the distant echo of a guillotine falling and the sickening crunch of human flesh being cut.

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