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Pokemon: Nightshade Version 2yy1naw

Welcome to the Land of Pokémon or...should I say what was once the land of Pokémon? Ah, I'm sorry I must have lost you already, it was once the land of Pokémon before the "infection" hit. What was once lush, green plains was turned into empty wastelands where only the dead roam, entire cities became desecrated and became ghost towns, and the dream of becoming the Pokémon Champion?

Well it all became a distant dream in a life that had quickly become a nightmare.

No one knows how the "infection" started out, it simply appeared one day, seemingly killing the Pokemon, scientist figured it was simply product of overpopulation of Rattatta and that the problem would correct itself.

Oh how wrong they were.

The virus jumped from species to species, killing off many wild Pokemon and leaving some in an inhumane zombie-like state with an insatiable urge for flesh.

And then....

It jumped to humans.

The effect was slow at first, but the entire cities began to be wiped out by this infection, and soon entire regions succumbed to what simply became known as "the Infection". Although, you were lucky if you simply died, some did not die, some became what is known as "the infected" Only a small number of people become "the infected" as you can see by this graph:

Pokemon: Nightshade Version 2i24suc

As you can see, not all people who become infected become zombies, it shouldn't have been a problem... But think of it this way... In an already overpopulated area where a disease wipes out thousands if not millions of people... and 2 out of ever y 10 victims become the Infected...

The numbers add up don't you think?

The government declared states of mass emergency but that didn't help anything, and soon the government fell into shambles. It was split into a number of warring factions, driven by greed. What was once supposed to protect the people, now orders survivors to pay them protection money. Those who don't pay...


Do I really need to explain it?

You don't pay, you have no shelter, you have no shelter, you simply become food for the infected.

There are a number of other organization working against these warring factions, some of them are worse than the warring faction themselves.

Let's take a look at some of these organizations shall we?

Pokemon: Nightshade Version Jif11k

Believed to be a right-wing psycho-religious cult that gained following after the initial outbreak. They believe that the virus is some type of divine retribution from Arceus. That it is a sign to purge non-believers from society. They work in secrecy and supposedly go around murdering people to "purge" society. Sometimes they reportedly abduct people and brain wash them into their cause. They believe that once all "unclean" people are purged from society that the virus will disappear.

Victims who have been purged by the Order of Arceus always have a large "A" with wings carved into their chest.

Pokemon: Nightshade Version 10f51dh

The Rebellion is a group of rogue mercenaries dedicated to fighting corruption in every reason. They are dedicated to finding the source of the outbreak and dedicated to finding the cure. They are known to comp cities for survivors and take them back to underground bunkers. They are represented by the truth and ideal pokemon, Zekrom and Reshiram. Although their intentions are good they are considered traitors to the government, and a bounty is on every member of the Rebellions head, so they often work in secret.

Despite this they have many powerful and influential people on their side and that's why the corrupted government has been able to do little to stop their activities.

Their base is stationed in what was formerly Celadon City.

The Clan of Red
(No image data available.)
No data available at this time. My apologies.

Now, that you know the situation... I'm sure you want to do something about it correct? Well to bad, you can't. It's best if you just figure out how to survive, or will you attempt to find out the source and try and find a cure? Be warned, the world's gone to hell and you don't know who you can trust. Remember, human nature is built around survival...

Good luck, child. You'll need it.

Miscellaneous Info

☢ Pokeballs are scarce, don't expect to be finding Pokeballs willy nilly. You can however loot them from abandoned shops if there are any left.

☢ You may loot corpses. After all their dead, what use could they have for their stuff?

☢ You can also loot dead trainers for Pokemon, like I said they're dead. Who's gonna miss it?

☢ The Pokemon League has been shut down because the Elite 4 is currently working with the Rebellion to save Survivors

☢You may start with a Pokemon that is above level 5, but it cannot be over level 50. Hell you can start with more than one but no more than 4.

☢ You also need a physical weapon, this can be any type of gun (within reason) or melee weapon you can find. Gotta fight zombies somehow

☢ There's a rumor that the Infected are mutating...

☢ This section will be added too if I can think of anything.


Organization (Optional, if your character belongs to any type of major organization, this could be any type of crime syndicate, the Order of Arceus, or some type of splintered off piece of the government. It cannot be the Clan of Red though.
Preferred Weapon
Fighting Style
Zombie Apocalypse Pokemon Team


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Name: Faren Hollow

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Faren has always been blessed with an energetic, determined soul. From infancy, Faren was the type of child to push herself to the limits to achieve perfection, no matter how repetitive and monotonous her actions were. As one could imagine, this aptitude for greatness allowed Faren to become quite advanced beyond her peers. While her intelligence doesn't skyrocket to genius level, Faren's inner restlessness and desire to achieve more has pushed her to devour a variety of books on many subjects, including but not limited to science, fantasy, mythology, herbology, and more than anything, information pertaining to Pokemon. Due to her mass accumulation of literature, Faren has become fairly knowledgable about many things, and her embedded knowledge often allows her to think quickly about a diverse number of solutions to any given problem. While energetic, self-motivated, and far from lazy, Faren is a bit quirky in her interactions with other human beings. Having begun developing her broad range of knowledge from childhood, Faren naturally expects other people to be on the same page as her when it comes to a certain topic, particularly her favorites, Pokemon and Science. When other people are less than knowledgable, or as it happens more often, downright ignorant about Pokemon or Science, Faren becomes rapidly irritated, and emotionally involved. She is a huge advocate for Pokemon, particularly misunderstood ones, and can become verbally aggressive if people start to stereotype them. Recently, following the death of her parents, Faren has given up on trying to reach out and communicate with people. Since that macabre day, Faren has been one of two human survivors on the island of Cinnabar where she lives. The island has not been visited by other people, and Faren is not even certain how many other people throughout the regions are even alive. Whatever the case, though Faren is perfectly capable of leaving the island, she remains steadfast, her loyalty chaining her to her location. Loyalty not for the ruined island, but for the other human who remains. Loyalty is in fact Faren's strongest virtue, and she fears that one day her intense loyalty to Pokemon, to the other human survivor, to her parents and their cause will eventually be the death of her.

Outfit: Faren favors long-sleeved tunic styled tops that fall down to her thighs. Her favorite color is green, and she is most often seen wearing a spring green or a hunter green tunic, but also has a winter blue and white one, a maroon one, a royal purple one, and a dandelion colored tunic with white daisies lining the bottom. She wears either a pair of black or navy blue jeans or dark brown leather pants to accompany her top.

Accessories: A Cartilage piercing with a golden earring shaped as a Thunderbolt, a Pokemon Classification book, her mother's research journal, her personal diary, a first aid kit including sewing needles and thick thread, her weaponry, a leather skin canteen, iodine, a few different types of ointments, a harness for Falada, a bedroll, a heavy duty flashlight, a few canned goods, and a mysterious fossil from one of her father's most recent archeological digs.

History: Born on the island of Cinnabar, Faren has technically been an islander her entire life. Throughout her childhood, especially when adolescence descended upon her, Faren has frequently left Cinnabar Island in order to accompany her father, an Archeologist on Archeological digs or her mother, a Pokemon Research Scientist on naturalistic field observations. As a child, Faren was only allowed to accompany her mother to tame places, such as Professor Oak's garden or the Veridian Forest. Once Faren became a teenager, however, her parents began taking her along on more important quests, such as the one her mother brought her along on to photograph the sudo-legendary Pokemon Heatran in Stark Mountain and to assess its environment. It was this subjection to these rich and hands on experiences involving the study of Pokemon in their natural environments that gave Faren the ambition of becoming a Pokemon Professor. While Faren wished to focus solely on Pokemon in their natural environments, Faren's mother aspired to do so much more. Faren's mother ran the laboratory on Cinnabar Island, which she helped to rebuild from the ground up shortly after Mewtwo, half genetic experiment half legendary Pokemon destroyed it. Faren's mother had just graduated at the Pokemon Scientist University, and it was on Cinnabar where she met Faren's father, who had grown up on the island, left to attend a college, and returned immediately after to pursue his first dig at the base of the volcano on Cinnabar. The two were caught up in a whirlwind of romance and married soon after. Both were dedicated soley to each other and their jobs, so it was a shock when the couple found out that their first child would soon be born. Faren's mother hadn't anticipated children, what with her dream of becoming the world's most groundbreaking female scientist, but was excited nonetheless about the birth of Faren. Even with a young infant, Faren's parents did not waver from their true callings. Faren's mother continued to run the laboratory, working diligently on her personal research. Faren's dad, who had always known he wanted children, continued to go on trips throughout the regions in search of fossils, but cut back significantly in order to be able to tend to do his new daughter. Faren grew up with a relentless curiosity, an insatiable curiosity, and the tendency to probe, to implore for more. Her passion for Pokemon was as deep and unshakable as her parents', and though her mother and her father had not been the competitive battling types, preferring to study Pokemon and search for cures to benefit her well-being, Faren desperately yearned for her own Pokemon. But where would she get one, seeing as she wouldn't be embarking as a Pokemon trainer? When Faren was about six, her father returned from an archeological dig with great excitement. He had unearthed a perfect fossilized Pokemon egg, and once he showed his wife, she marveled at how perfectly preserved the fossil was, and sought to clone the genetic material. The embryo soon revealed itself to be an Aerodactyl, and the Hollows had already arranged to give the infant Pokemon to a Pokemon enthusiast. However, one day, something unanticipated happened. Six year-old Faren was visiting the Pokemon her mother kept temporarily in the laboratory, and as she passed the baby Aerodactyl's glass tube, he opened his eyes. Faren imprinted on the Pokemon, and from that moment on, it was a done deal. The creature refused to spend a second away from Faren, and until he grew too large, even slept in her bed with her. Faren's parents were terrified of a friendship between a prehistoric clone and their daughter, but they soon learned that no harm would ever come to Faren as long as Avox was around. At the age of 16, Faren embarked on her first independent research project. Faren sought to find and isolate the genome for the color mutation of shiny Pokemon. Faren received donations of eleven shiny Pokemon from various trainers and Professors to conduct her research. Faren would also record the vitals of each shiny and compare it with normal Pokemon. With her hands full with her new shiny ward, Faren had embarked on a two year project, and upon its completion, would travel to the Kanto mainland and work as an intern for Professor Oak for three years, as arranged by her parents. Unfortunately, just before her eighteenth birthday, the infection broke out. Upon the infection breakout, Faren's mother and father ceased all their usual duties and focused exclusively on researching the infection virus, how it was transmitted, how victims reacted to it, the characteristics that people and Pokemon tended to have when reacting a certain way, and most importantly, how to cure it. Faren continued to tend to the shinies, but even Faren did her part to aid her parents, helping them catch an infected Pidgeotto zombie so that her mother could study it and try out experimental drugs on it. Six months into the breakout, four months after the Pidegeotto had been captured, Faren's mother received her first positive indicator. After being given a recent antibiotic, the Pidegeotto came to for about two minutes, exhibiting normal vital statistics for a Pidgeotto and responding to human voice before reverting to a primal zombie state. Faren's mother was onto something, and she was certain that within the year, she would successfully combat the deadly virus that was plaguing every soul throughout the regions. Unfortunately, Faren's parents' efforts hadn't gone unnoticed. The Order of Arceus, a psycho religious cult who swiftly murdered any person they felt were going against what they believed was Arceus' order, that is to punish the regions and purge them of all tainted people and Pokemon, had become aware of Faren's parents' concentrated efforts, and with organized police and government fallings into shambles, hadn't a single concern when they crossed the ocean to Cinnabar and forced their way into Faren's parents' lab. In front of their daughter, while she was held down and made to watch, the cult leader murdered Faren's mother and father, going on to murder the Pidgeotto and many other Pokemon in the lab while another member began carving "A's" into her parents' chests. When the cult leader descended upon Faren to rob her of her young life, Avox, who had been out hunting, crashed through the glass ceiling, knocking the cult leader unconscious with his talons, and saved Faren's life, though she was hysterical and uncooperative, begging to be left behind with her parents. For hours, Avox hid Faren in the woods, refusing to let her leave until he knew the cult members had left. The second Avox let her return, Faren did, only to find the laboratory destroyed, six of the shinies in her ward murdered with "A's" carved on their chests and four of the shiny Pokemon vanished, her mother's files and papers burned, the Pidegeotto dead, and of course, her parents, mutilated and defiled, lying unresponsive on the floor of the place they loved so much. One Pokemon had survived the massacre, though by the looks of her, she wouldn't survive long. The shiny Ponyta Faren had called "Falada", with the pretty ice blue mane and tail. She was so weak she could hardly stand, and blood gushed from the stab wound she had endured and the bloody "A" carved into her chest. Miraculously, Faren and some of the practiced villagers were able to close the wounds and stitch Falada back together, the two Pokemon being Faren's only dear reminders of the precious past that had been ripped away from her. Faren, with the help of the villagers who hadn't yet fled the island, gave her parents a proper burial at the base of the volcano where they had first fallen in love, constructing simple memorials out of materials she could find on the island. Her mother and father's final calling had been to stand up to the infection and attempt to fight it in order to safeguard the lives of humans and Pokemon, and for their noble attempts, they had been cut down and murdered, but Faren soon realized that if her survival meant anything, it meant that she must hold on to and carry out her parents' beliefs, no matter the consequence. Armed with a prehistoric Pokemon, a Pokemon survivor of the Order of Arceus' wrath, and her mother's research journal detailing the infection, Faren figures that her odds, while they are slim to none, might actually get somewhere.

Organization: None. She lives in isolation on Cinnabar Island.

Preferred Weapon: Crossbow and a hunting knife (She looted these from a nearby shop that popped up for human's personal protection when the infection had just broken out, but soon after closed when the shop owners abandoned it and all the weapons they couldn't carry and left on a ship headed for mainland. This would be the last ship to ever visit the island).

Fighting Style: Faren's preference is to fight long distance, immobilizing a zombie with one of her arrows so that they aren't able to advance on her. Once hitting the zombie in a vital spot for it to be immolized, Faren moves in for the final kill with her knife. She shoots tactically, shooting in places likely to shred a ligament so that the zombie is debilitated, but where she can quickly and easily pull out the arrow without breaking it off inside the zombie. This of course means that while Faren has an unlimited supply of arrows, she inevitably has to move in up close for the final kill with her hunting knife, which doesn't always go as planned. Of course, Faren has Avox for assistance as well, and Avox does his fair share in taking out zombies on his own. Faren is also known to use nearby blunt objects to bash in the head of the zombie, causing massive brain damage to where the creature cannot possibly survive tge trauma.

Zombie Apocalypse Pokemon Team:

Name: Avox
Species: Aerodactyl
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Moveset: Dragonclaw, Fly, Bite, Wing Attack
Ability: Rock Head: Aerodactyl receives no Re-Coil Damage

Personality: Avox, being a prehistoric creature, is much more undomesticated than the typical Pokemon. His species being one that is fiery and indomitable anyways, one can only imagine how much more savage the zombie apocolypse has made Avox. In a way, this is a positive thing, because Avox slays zombies on sight, human or Pokemon, with zero remorse. Avox is loyal only to Faren, and is protective of her to the point where it is terrifying for other people. Faren does not keep Avox or Falada in a pokeball, because she wants there to be good odds for their survival if anything happens to her.

Name: Falada
Species: Ponyta
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Ability: Flash Fire: Prevents Rapidash from being attacked by Fire type moves, and also boosts the Fire type moves.
Moveset: Tackle, Ember, Iron Tail, Double Kick
Personality: Sweet and good-natured, Falada is the ideal Pokemon. Faren's noble steed, Falada has a very noble nature, and is more than willing to put her life on the line in order to spare any person or Pokemon. She is very docile and tame, and consequently is ill equipped for zombie combat. Despite this obvious flaw in her design, Falada is compassionate, and would protect any other creature to the best of her ability. Pokemon: Nightshade Version 80_redhead_anime_girl_facebook_coverPokemon: Nightshade Version 80_redhead_anime_girl_facebook_cover

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Name - Lilia Blanche Fletcher

Age - 20

Gender - Female

Appearance (without armor):
Pokemon: Nightshade Version 34rhmv5

Personality - A bit of an odd character, Lilia comes off to be cold and methodical, rarely choosing to trust people with her own emotions, she chooses to bottle it all up and release it all in the heat of battle. Even her subordinates will describe her as 'the cornflower beauty with a temper', because of the fierceness she shows in battle. It's also very evident that her anti-social tendencies do not hinder her ability to care for her team mates, as she has been seen going out of her way to help her team mates should they ever need help, so one cannot say she doesn't care, she simply hides behind a mask rather than show her true feelings.

She appears to have a strong sense of justice, and that is probably why she joined the Rebellion in the first place, she wanted to help, she wanted to be useful. Lilia also appears to have her own reasons for joining the Rebellion, but as she tends to do with much of her past, simply doesn't speak of it. Her team mates also describe her as a bit of a mystery, that she simply appeared on their door step one day, bloodied and beaten, asking to join the Rebellion. There she quickly rose through the ranks with her methodical nature and sheer determination she became a force to be reckoned with within the ranks of the Rebellion.

Her flaws are quite numerous though, it takes quite a lot for Lilia to trust you, although she cares about her team mates, she doesn't necessarily trust them. She also tends to bottle her emotions up, dealing with anger and grief by dismissing them, only to have them fester like a poison until she snaps. Lilia also suffers from a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is deathly afraid of the dark and can be very claustrophobic at times. She has to have the reassurance that she will never be locked in a room or she will quite literally lose it. Lilia's strong sense of justice also tends to leave her a tad bit idealistic at times, combined with perfectionist nature, always leaves her with a sense of extreme disappointment if things aren't carried out perfectly. Lilia also tends to shut down emotionally if you ask her anything on who she is and where she comes from.

History - Because she doesn't speak of it, nobody quite knows who she is or where she comes from. It's quite evident though that there is trauma though, and from the way she often carries herself, it is evident that she comes from a well to do family.

Organization - The Rebellion

Preferred Weapon: Lilia appears anything that will get the job done quickly. She's well known for her expertise in small guns such as pistols though, although if the situation calls for it she's been known to use heavier types of guns. If no guns are available to her than she usually chooses sharp objects and then simply gives zombies the old "ice-pick to the eye" routine, for this reason she usually prefers lighter melee objects such as fencing swords and ice picks.

Fighting Style: Lilia likes to minimize the risk of casualties and her fighting style often reflects this. Often times she'll forgo her own safety in favor of saving her team mates, but her fighting style can be described in a few words, "shoot first, ask questions later" which tends to save lives but be a waste of bullets in the long run. Her fight style changes when she is forced to use melee weapons though, she'll usually become cold and calculating and find a way to immobilize the zombie and then shove a sword or something sharp through its eye. She prefers a clean kill, but sometimes that just isn't possible.

Pokemon Zombie Apocalypse Team:

Pokemon: Nightshade Version Nejjhc
Name - Ilossa
Species - Gothorita
Level - 32
Ability - Frisk: This Pokemon has the ability to reveal a foe's hidden item.
Moveset- Confusion, Psyshock, Psybeam, Future Sight

Information - Lilia rescued Ilossa as a Gothita from her mother who had succumbed to the infection. It would later become her starter Pokemon for when she joined the rebellion. Ilossa tends to be like Lilia when it comes to personality, she's a calm and collected but her loyalty to Lilia is apparent. Ilossa tends to view Lilia as her surrogate mother in a sense and is extremely protective of Lilia.

Pokemon: Nightshade Version Pact4
Name - Inai
Species - Skarmory
Level - 25
Ability - Sturdy: This Pokemon is unaffected by one-hit KO moves
Moveset - Fly, Air Cutter, Agility, Fury Attack
Information - Lilia looted Inai from the corpse of a dead trainer who had been eaten by zombies, unable to leave the poor thing to starve, she took the Pokeball from the trainer and adopted him into her own team. Inai is very temperamental and quick to fight, and Lilia sometimes has a hard time getting him to listen to her. Despite their quarreling, Inai has shown to care for Lilia in his own way. He also appears grateful to Lilia for rescuing him.

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It came from the beyond the extreme reaches of our reality
It came to laugh at our naïve existences
I am puzzled by the truth that slips through my hands even as I cover my ears
Where in this thin body do I find the strength to stand?

Pokemon Nightshade: Chapter 1 – A Mission.

Lilia’s body shuddered as she thrashed about in her sleep, it was this scene again, and it was always this scene. She was once again chained to the floor, limp and bleeding, despair seeping into her like a poison. Lilia remembered this scene all too well. Had this not been the hell her life was since the outbreak?

“This is the only way to truly purify you, Lilia! It will save you!” A voice echoed in her mind. She hissed back at the man who only returned her hiss with a slap, “How many times do I have to tell you? To be purified you must obey those who are above you!”

“You’re a psychopath…” Lilia hissed again and was met with another slap.

“It seems your daughter has not learned respect, it seems we need to teach her another lesson,” Another voice echoed. The other nodded and grabbed Lilia and slammed her against the wall. Then they descended on her and…


And that’s when her eyes shot open and she could feel her skin crawling in disgust, “A nightmare…” She shivered. Lilia’s eyes darted around the bedroom, it wasn’t even dawn yet. Ilossa had slowly stirred feeling her master arise from the bed.


“Go back to sleep, Ilossa, I just need a glass of water, and I need to recollect my thoughts.”

The small Gothita nodded and lay back down on the bed as Lilia disappeared out of her dorm. She could feel the chill in the air, even though it was summer. The bunkers had a tendency to get rather cold, even during the summer months, or so she’d been told.

Lilia slowly grabbed a bottle of purified water from a crate and opened it. Lilia let the cool liquid slide down her throat as she tried to gather her thoughts.

“My name is Lilia…” She thought, “I am a member of the rebellion, a group who works to fight against corruption in what was once the Kanto region… Their base is in what was formerly Celadon City…I’m safe here…” She thought stopping to take a breath of air.

The Rebellion base was considered one of the few “safe” spots in Hoenn. It had been transformed into sort of an “advanced” military base after the outbreak. Gates now surrounded the city, with guards constantly on the lookout for zombies or other enemies that may try to infiltrate the base. It also acted as a neutral safe zone for refugees, people they rescued on missions who now made their home here.

The base was probably one of the last places that had working electricity and running water, to be honest. They were all fueled by Pokémon who were also on the rescue list.

More importantly, this base functions as a secret base to research and find a cure for the outbreak that had destroyed so many lives. They had a good number of governmental scientists on hand trying to isolate the gene that caused the infection. Scientist who had been forced into hiding after the government fell to shambles and the politicians decided that their own monetary gain was more important than helping the people.

Lilia let out a sigh, contemplating the ethical reasons as to why she joined the Rebellion… Her thoughts drifted to that man again and she felt her skin crawl. She wanted to take a shower, to scrub the thought of /him/ off. She knew it would do her no good though, her skin would continue to crawl even if she scrubbed her skin until it bled.

She would still feel that wriggling feeling on her skin, like maggots crawling through her veins. She was dirty, was the mark on her back not enough proof of where she came from, proof that she never again, could be clean?

She swallowed the last of the water and returned to bed, although she did not sleep.

She could not sleep.

Instead she watched the sun slowly begin to peek over the horizon, watching the suns light slowly begin to illuminate the forest, although in the distance she could hear gunshots. Lilia closed her eyes momentarily, musing on what her once perfect life had become.

When it was finally time for her to get up and get breakfast, she had already been up for at least two hours. She skulked out of her room, Ilossa following close behind.

“Morning, Lilia,” A voice called to her from across the room and she could see a small petite body running over to her.

“Morning, Fredrica.”

Fredrica Bernkastel, one of her team mates who she was often paired with on missions. She was a lively character who was often too naïve for her own good, but don’t let her petite stature fool you. She was deadly when it came to small hand guns.

“Iyuni and Omutami are already waiting for us at our table,” Fredrica smiled before reaching for a small roll of bread. Lilia nodded and put a handful of eggs on her plate and they headed toward the table where two identical male twins sat scarfing down their breakfast like it was the last meal they would ever eat.

Fredrica made a face, “Guys if you eat like that you’ll get sick and then I’m going to leave you on Cinnabar for the zombies to eat,” Fredrica said and bit into the roll of bread.

“Mffwe’re hafin a food eatin comtest,” The one of the right said.

“Fwi won’t roose!” The one on the left said.

Iyuni and Omutami were a pair of twins who were probably about seventeen, only about a year younger than Fredrica. They had joined after their father succumbed to the disease and their mother was forced into hiding because of government forces.

She now worked for the Rebellion as a scientist.

“So we’re coming Cinnabar today?” Lilia let out a sigh, choosing to ignore the two twins who were glaring at each other and scarfing down food.

“Yeaup, boss says there’s been some activity on the island, if there are survivors then we need to rescue em!” Fredrica smiled, flicking some black hair out of her face.

“Anything else he asked us to do?” Lilia asked biting into one of the eggs and then handing some to Ilossa who munched on it happily.

“Um… I think we were supposed to check out the old Pokemon lab on the island and then see if the Volcano had any clues—“

“Namaste~” A voice rang out which made Lilia make a face. Great, he was the last thing she needed on this fine morning, she could feel her skin crawl as the Indian male took a seat next to them. Amrit Desai, an Indian man about the same age as her who helped with the local adoption services of Pokemon who had been found on dead trainers.

He was a notorious flirt, and had seemed to taking a liking to harassing Lilia at every turn.

“Good morning, Amrit,” Fredrica smiled.

“Mworning—“ The two twins said waving before resuming their contest to see who could stuff their gullets with the most food, while Amrit turned to her. Lilia simply made a face.

“Aren’t you going to say good morning, meri jaan?” He gave her that stupid grin that made her frown.


“Aw~ You’re such a terrible morning person, meri jaan. How about a kiss?” Amrit went to touch a lock of her hair but she simply slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me, and don’t call me that,” Lilia hissed.

“Ahahaha, you’re always such the stoic, ice queen!” Amrit laughed

“Fuck off,” Lilia hissed once more.

He gave a good natured laugh and turned his attention to his food. Lilia ate her own food and would continually glance over to the Indian man to make sure he wasn’t pulling anything funny. He liked to pull tricks on her and Lilia hated it. Luckily, today she got off scot free and he didn’t pull some stupid prank on her. She let out a sigh.

Today was going to be a long day.


The group of rebels stood before their leader, all adorned in armor that was signature to the rebels, the only thing that didn’t gave away their allegiance was a type of brown cloak. Their leader had been explaining the mission details to Lilia and her group.

“What I want you to do is quite simple actually, I need some volcanic rock samples from the volcano on Cinnabar,” The leader told the group, “There have also been reports of activity on the island, non-zombie activity. I want you to check it out and if there are any survivors… Bring them back.”

Lilia nodded and bowed her head, “Sure thing, boss.”

“There was also a once great lab there, according to reports they had been working on a cure before someone or something got them. Regardless, I want you to check out the lab and see if you can find any remnants of their research.
Lilia nodded, “We’ll do our best sir.”


The flight to Cinnabar was a long and arduous one, considering it was across the sea, still Lilia couldn’t help but find herself admiring the blue sea below them. Flying by Pokemon was virtually the safest way to travel, and unfortunately since it often required an HM and a badge it was scarce that people other than those with connections could use it.

“What do you think we’ll find when we get there?” Fredrica asked as her Pigeot gliding alongside Lilia’s Skarmory.

Lilia shrugged, “Who knows, I can only think that the activity was probably a zombie activating an electric signal or something. Probably nothing there, I mean—Wasn’t Cinnabar evacuated during their initial outbreak?”

“Well, maybe it’s a survivor!” Iyumi grinned, “I think it’d be great if we found a survivor.”

Lilia scoffed, she knew the chances of that were slim, usually by the time the Rebels got to places that showed signs of activity it was too late. It was a very rare occasion to find a survivor, much less a survivor who hadn’t already been bitten. Often times, that’s why they found a person who had been left alone in the first place. They were sick and dying and often times, begging to be killed and that is what the Rebels often did. It was not murder if that person was going to die anyway, it was assisted suicide.

“Radar says Cinnabar is below us,” Lilia said, the group nodded and began their descent, unsure of what they were going to find on the island.


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