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Post  TheAlmightyGhostPrincess on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:49 am

"Welcome to Youkai high school, a high school strictly dedicated to educating non-human creatures. In this school your classes are based on what [Race] you are and what [Class] you wish to be. We offer five different basic courses depending on what [class] you wish to be.

[Mercenary Course] - A course dealing with swords an axes, most classes you will be taking are focused on physical conditioning and learning the proper techniques of using the sword and axe in battle. You will also learn how to deal with long-range classes such as the [Mage] Class and the [Archer Class] effectively.

[Mage Course] - A course in which you learn various types of magic ranging from elemental magic to the dark arts. In this course your classes will be focused on learning how to cast magic, learning different spells, and how to utilize offensive magic effectively. You will also be learning how to effectively deal with hand to hand combat classes such as the [Mercenary Class] and the [Martial Arts Class].

[Priest Course] - A course where you learning the various types of white magic to cast on your fellow team mates, the spells you will learn from basic healing spells to complex empowering spells. This course is more passive then the other courses, instead of learning how to deal with other classes, you will instead learn how to be a stead fast supporter.

[Archer Course] - A course where you learn to use long-range weapons, from guns to bows you will learn how to hit that bulls eye every time. This class uses a mix of magic and long range weaponry. Expect to also learn to increase your speed and agility as well and expect to learn how to effectively deal with [Mage Class] and [Martial Arts Class]

[Martial Arts Course] - A class that lives up to his name. Prepare to learn how to use your fists as a weapon. You will learn all forms of martial arts and learn how to deal with the [Mage] and [Archer] class effectively.

We do so hope you enjoy your stay at Youkai high school!"

-Youkai High school Brochure [Class Section]

This high school has always been held in high regard, the best classes, the best teachers, the best campus, it is always praised for the warriors that come out of the school but things are starting to go bad. Racial tensions are high and fights are being broken up every day, there have been issues brought up with the teachers, and now the curriculum is being criticized as "unsatisfactory" but life continues on as usual, students attend their classes as normal even with racial violence on the rise.

One day a new girl transfers in to the school, small in stature and doll like she introduces herself as being part of the [Angel] race appears. The problem with this is, that the [Angel] race has never existed outside mythology, so no one believes this girl. When asked to demonstrate her power she shakes her head and says cheerfully, "I cannot show you my power because it is too dangerous to be shown!" So instantly people brand her as a liar and move on.

But who is this girl? Where did she come from? Does the [Angel] race really exist? Before any of these questions could be answered a mysterious change comes over the school. Many students are beginning to disappear and the school is facing closure, so curfew is set at 6pm each night, strictly after dinner, and you are to have a partner with you at all times when walking to classes. Which leaves students to wonder:

"How will we survive Youkai High?"

Sign-up Sheet:

Desired Course: (Can take more than one class)

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Post  Diεgo on Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:28 am

((I'm soo preachin' it on this one. will get it up soon))

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